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Architects, builders and homeowners come to Trinity Design for design and drafting services. We are their trusted resource since they want experienced professionals who minimize expenses, optimize spaces and save time. Industry professionals also benefit from specialized services to help them run their businesses.

Are you…

person doing building design and drafting services

a Homeowner

Are you ready to begin designing your new home? You don’t have to settle for a cookie-cutter house. Building design and drafting services do not need to be expensive. We will work with your vision, budget, and property specifications to design and draft your new home. We cut out the confusion and difficulty of explaining your vision to the contractor. We minimize the frustration of having things turn out different than expected by providing clear and actionable plans and visualizations. Let us take the headache and heartache out of your new home. Contact us today. You will not be disappointed.

Is your house just too small? You may not need to move! Let’s investigate what we can do to your existing home with an addition. We will tell you what is possible, considering the house, lot and zoning regulations. From there, we can begin establishing a floor layout that suits your needs and desires. Going through this process can save you a lot of money, headache and heartache when it comes time to build. It will be easier to keep to the budget since contractors can give you more accurate quotes with plans in hand. Our plans can be built exactly as specified! There is no reason why the contractor you choose will need to delay the project for clarification or need to deviate from your vision! Start this building project off on the right foot by contacting us.

Maximize the space you already have, increasing the value and function of your home! We can help you do just that! You may have never done this before. You needn’t worry. We have over 40 years of industry experience. We can make sure you have a clear and actionable plan for your basement. Our rates are very reasonable and worth every penny. Clearly drafted plans can save you time and money during construction. Most importantly, this is the space you will live in. There is no reason to live with regret because things were not designed well or executed properly. Contact us today and invest in your home.

a Contractor

Your clients will potentially be your biggest help or hindrance to acquiring new business. Thankfully, you get to choose. It is as simple as setting the expectations and delivering. We help you with the expectations portion. Our visual aids and drafted plans make sure everyone has a clear idea of the outcome before any work is done. We recommend coming back to us if any alterations are required at any point in the project. Your clients will feel taken care off and empowered when they understand what is going on. Doing this eliminates the surprises and disappointment when the client’s expectations do not match the result. Turn your customers into raving fans today.

Win the potential customer’s confidence with stunning visualizations and customizable building plans. You can do this with our white-label services. Get photorealistic 3D Renderings, floor plans, walkthroughs and more, before and after client customizations. We will do the work and package it with your brand. We will even work directly with the client. Most will need the aids and want the flexibility. Don’t lose out simply because you are not able to do it on your own. Just ask us to help.

Have you been brought in at the design stage? You can expedite the process by bringing us in as well. Eliminate the gaps between project by hiring us to do the design portion for you. We will deal directly with your clients, getting everything ready so you can begin construction. This frees you up to complete your current project for maximum efficiency. It will not take long before we are working synergistically, getting more done together than we could do apart. Let’s establish a partnership today.


What you should know

What do you look for in building design and drafting services? The most important thing must be price, right? Not entirely. Expertise is far more important. Don’t get lured by a quote if the offerer doesn’t have experience specific to your project. That type of offer will cost far more before the project is complete. A job not done correctly can continue to cost you for years to come. It isn’t that the person is not good at what he or she does. The point is to get someone who is good at what you need to be done. We strongly recommend asking anyone you get quotes from the following questions:

We have been drafting buildings for over 30 years. We bring special insight to our work from our related experience in residential and commercial construction and general contracting. We know how to optimize spaces, create harmonious flow, choose construction materials and more. We are your ideal choice if you are building a home, offices or retail space. Give us a call and we will let you know if your project falls within our area of specialization.

Yes, certainly. We have examples of our building design and drafting services on the Featured Projects page. We have been doing this for a long time. If you need to see other examples, just ask.

Yes, we can. In fact, there are some just below this questionnaire.

Our drafting price is calculated by the square footage of the building. Our standard rate is $1.15 a square foot. (Building industry professionals receive custom rates based on the project.) Quotes are available on design services once we know more about the project. Please give us a call if you need a price for a service not addressed in this answer.